Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Last Pics from Ladakh

Vairochana, of the four directions.

Sometimes the wall deterioration actually enhances the mystery.

Gonpa doors.

A wrathful deity riding on a Silk Road camel.

The Shargol Gonpa, built into the face of a mountain.

A drum.

In Jaipur, a depiction of Krishna, his consort Radha, and Kali in the form of a black stone.

Some monks replacing the fabric over the entrance to the Padmasambhava Gonpa.

The Leh Palace.

The Lamayuru Gonpa, famous all the world over for their tomato soup and soft mattresses.

Also in Jaipur, the Hawa Mahal, or Wind Palace, which was once a thriving harem. The small windows allowed the courtesans to view the road without being viewed themselves.

A Ladakhi rustic playing the part.

Inside, on the second floor is a huge statue of Padmasambhava. You can identify him by his semi-wrathful moustache, and his vajra staff, which will always have some impaled heads on it, topped off by a smiling skull.

Giant Shakyamuni Buddha at the Shay Gonpa.

Elaborate butter candles.

An unusual representation.

A mask.

A huge butter candle illuminating the thousand Buddhas on the wall behind.

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LBJ11 said...

I am always surprised by the colorful images. Very beautiful and interesting.

Linda and Dad